About us

For many years now I’ve been experimenting with brewing and fermentation, but it wasn’t until Covid struck in March 2020 that this hobby developed into something more. Bored, recently graduated, and plenty of time to spare, I took up brewing with a renewed determination.

I was living with my mum and sister at the time, who aren’t beer drinkers. After heavy encouragement to try some of my creations, it became clear it was the bitterness of beer that they struggled with.

I set out to create a beer that everyone, including them, could enjoy - I started developing recipes that use no bittering hops, but instead create balance through a subtle sourness.

Many months and countless recipes later, I had finally created a low-bitterness sour beer that was a firm favourite amongst friends and family - beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers alike. 

It was time to bid farewell to my 9-to-5 to launch the most refreshing and approachable beer on the market.

Tart was born!